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    Unlimited CE Subscription - WYOMING
    Unlimited access to online CE courses for one year!  Upon purchase, you will have access to ALL of the courses on the course list tab. All cours..
    $39.95   Details & Purchase
    4 HRS
    Accident, Health, Life, Long Term Care
    Online Interactive
    4-Hour WY Long-Term Care Partnership Refresher Course
    Course Number : 18197 |
    This course meets the WI Long Term Care requirement. For more information, please see DETAILS below. Note: A monitor must be present while takin..
    $18.00   Details & Purchase
    8 HRS
    Accident, Health, Life, Long Term Care
    8-Hour NAIC LTC Partnership-WY
    Course Number : 15796 |
    The Deficit Reduction Act made it possible for all states who wish to to offer Partnership for Long-term Care policies. The NAIC model law and regulat..
    $19.50   Details & Purchase
    4 HRS
    Accident, Health, Life, Casualty, Property, General
    Anti-Money Laundering-WY
    Course Number : 15387 |
    This course will teach agents to fully understand the issues related to anti-money laundering as set forth in the USA Patriot Act.This course is inten..
    4 HRS
    Ethics 4 Hour Training Course-WY
    Course Number : 19177 |
    This is a mandatory course for students to complete their ethics requirement.  All resident agents must have at least ethics in order to renew th..
    $18.00   Details & Purchase
    16 HRS
    Ethics, Law, Regulations, Accident, Health, Life
    Ethics and the Insurance Agent-WY
    Course Number : 13582 |
    Upon completion of this course, agents will be able to understand the importance of ethics when dealing with clients. Agents will learn the stand..
    $25.00   Details & Purchase
    14 HRS
    Casualty, Property, General
    Personal Automobile Exposures And Insurance-WY
    Course Number : 8699 |
    This insurance continuing education course covers the risks involved in owning a personal automobile, and the ways in which individuals and families c..
    $24.00   Details & Purchase
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