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    About Us

    Sandi Kruise Insurance Training has been in business of Insurance training and education for over 20 years. During this time we have provided the highest quality of training to hundreds of thousands of insurance professionals nationwide. We strive to provide the most complete, current and concise training materials and knowledgeable personnel to help agents in every state stay up to date on the latest insurance rules, laws and regulations as well as maintaining their licenses and professional designations.

    All of our courses include study materials, easy online exams, instant grading, certificate which can be printed immediately from any computer, and next-day reporting (unless otherwise indicated).

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    Testimonials As of 09/28/2011

    Read what your fellow agents are saying about Sandi Kruise Insurance Training:

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for all your help on this

    Brian, The California Partnership Long Term Care course was unique and enjoyable. Never have I attended a class in a Long Term Care Community - very cool. And free breakfast & lunch, even better. This has definitely added to the value of the course. 

    Thank you again Brian, for being so available and responsive; and many thanks to your company/mom/dad/etc. for making the courses so user friendly and affordable!!

    Thanks, Robert. After having used several Continuing Education providers over the years, I can say that The Sandi Kruise Insurance Training and Continuing Education process is undoubtedly the premier provider. I will recommend it to anyone I hear of that needs your services.

    "Thank YOU! I sincerely appreciate your help.

    I have found that your unlimited one year subscription made it easier than I ever thought imaginable to fulfill my CE credits. Wonderful course material, as well! So many other programs out there are repetitive, badly written, and so wrought with spelling and grammatical errors that the material is nearly unreadable. Your courses are refreshingly informative and clearly written.

    Thank you again for your assistance, Barrie, and please pass along my thanks to the course providers.

    " I contacted Sandi Kruise Ins. Training needing assistance on their website. I spoke with Steve Manary and he walked me through the process of ordering with Professionalism and made it easy for me to understand and place my order. I love Sandi Kruise Ins. Training website, they have all the CE agents like me need. The customer service was above and beyond my expectations, and I appreciate Steve for helping me today."

    "I called one day after an email that I received and spoke with one of your excellent customer service reps and everything was taken care of immediately.  You have a great service and I'm thankful for that and for the instant updates to the state.  I appreciate all of the work you folks do."

    "My thanks to all at the Sandi Kruise CE training company.  Special thanks to Sandi for her preparation, lesson plan, presentation, and continued professionalism.  I plan to acquire all credits via the Sandi Kruise programs in the future.  You are the best!"

    "I took a partnership LTC class yesterday.  I would like to inform you about the class instructor Mitch Loran.  It was a pleasure to attend his class.  His explanation was simple, easy to understand, fun, and very informative.  I wish all instructors were like him!"

    "Hi Sandi.  I just want to say thank you for providing superior customer service.  Your employee, Melissa Flores, was professional, helpful, and friendly.  As a business owner, Mayor of the City of Los Alamitos, and chairman of board member of multiple (over 10) organizations, I witness the variety of levels of competence.  Melissa ranks at the top for performance.  She represented your company in a manner that warranted this recognition.  I hope you will find this feedback useful and reward Melissa appropriately."

    "Brian, Thank you!  Today my 30 hours of required CA CE credits will be completed as a result of your pro-active assisstance.  I just wanted to let you know that it is appreciated that you took the time and patience to provide a valuable service to one of your customers.  Thank you again!"

    Regarding the California Annuities course:

    "I took this class with Vicki Wood today at the State Farm Diamond Bar AFO.  She is a wonderful instructor...really keeps things interesting!  Thank you for your assisstance!"

    "Thank you for your help during the Labor Day Weekend.  I finished my test and passed it a while ago.  I told what happened to my manager and she was very impressed!"

    "Dear Sandi, I appreciate the quick work on this.  Thanks for looking into it personally and getting the right folks on it.  Overall, I have been pleased with the courses, but especially pleased with you staying on this issue with me.  Thank you for your help.  My best regards,"

    Thanks Robert. The class was excellent. Teacher was terrific.

    This course is very helpful and understandable. The study materials/book covers quite thorough. Keep up the good job.I'll definitely refer other partners to take your courses. Thanks a million.

    I am a new "student" to your program. I've been an agent for 32 years and NEVER have enjoyed a CE program more.

    RE CJ Nava as instructor I had her for a Partnership class this week on Tuesday in Sacramento.
    She was Perfect. Very informative, very professional, gave me many different phrases with which to explain the partnership. You have a big asset in her.

    "After checking the website at Sircon yesterday evening, I was so relieved to see my CE hours for both courses were posted. I am most appreciative of all your team’s great effort to work with me during such a time constraint I had for completing my CE hours and having the assurance that you’re processed my hours with my state prior to license expiration. We even had some technical issues through the subscription service, but you had someone on it to resolve. You truly are a professional team that can work under pressure for obtaining the accomplished task for myself. Even though I am not an active practicing license agent, I still want to keep my CE hours updated for my license and will look forward to working with you again. However, I will make sure it won’t be under another critical timing situation. 
    These two people I’ve corresponded with more than once and very much appreciate your support are as follows: Brian (telephone/technical) & Barrie Young (e-mail).

    Thank you for your assistance. Happy New Year! "

    "Sandi Kruise,   I enjoyed taking your 8 hour LTC partnership course. I learned a lot of great information."

    "I wanted to take the time to let you know how appreciative I am to your company for your prompt professional service.  I'm sure that you have heard this story before, but I waited until the last minute to get my CE done.  I took my test over the weekend, faxed it in on Monday morning and it was reported on the DOI website on Tuesday when I got to my office.  It is a pleasure to do business with a company that follows through on their promises and even exceeds expectations.  I will surely recommend your company to all of my colleagues and would be happy to provide my endorsement in the form of a testimonial."

    "Thank you.  Your site was easy to navigate, unlike another one that I attempted!  I will recommend you to other New York life agents."

    "Thank you so much for your very fast service. Have a good evening. I will tell every one to go through your company.  You are the best. Thanks again,"

    "Thanks for getting me the test that I ordered so quickly!  I can always count on such great service from your company!"

    Regarding the NAIC Partnership course:

    ..."The materials are very good (two of us are certified elder law attorneys and have been teaching material pre and post DRA, so we know what we're looking for)."

    "We just completed the CA Long Term Care and Partnership for Long Term Care courses in Sacramento.  We wanted to comment on the excellent classroom instruction by Mitch Loran.  His thorough knowledge and enthusiasm of the subject made the classes both interesting and helpful to attend."

    "These courses were by far the best CE courses (and online program) that I've ever experienced!  Very comprehensive and easy to understand.  Sincerely,"

    "Thank you for your prompt service, quick grading of my CE exam, and fast posting on the DOI website.  Very impressive.  I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.  Best regards,"

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