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    PACE Credit

     New: ANY course you take for your license for Insurance is worth the same amount of hours for PACE Credit at NO CHARGE!

    Complete CE courses for Insurance and save your CE certificates. Open the attachment for further PACE Recertification information: 


    Make sure to save your Insurance CE certificates if you are required to show the American College you completed the courses.

    What is PACE? 

     PACE Stands for Professional Accreditation for Continuing Education. For certain professional designations like CLU, CHFC, etc The American College requires people to take CE to Recertify.

    30 Hours of PACE credits is required every two years according to The American College.

    Designations subject to the PACE Recertification Program include:

    •  CLU®* •  ChFC®* •  RHU® •  REBC®
    •  CASL® •  CLF®
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