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    Monitor Instructions - Arizona

    Click here for your state's monitor form 

    Monitor Instructions - Arizona 

    Your state requires that your exam(s) MUST be monitored. 

    The qualifications of the person who must monitor your exam are explained on the monitor form:
    1. Must be a licensed agent (Not nessisarally AZ)
    2. Cannot be family, or work for you (conflict of interest)
    3. Can work with you, just not under you directly.
    4. Or with us (The provider) here in our San Diego,CA office

    The person monitoring your exam must be with you prior to beginning to take the exam. Taking the exam without your monitor present will invalidate your exam results and certificate. 

    The monitor must print, sign and complete the affidavit found by clicking Printable Monitor Form to indicate that the exam was taken without any outside help from any source. Please fax the completed monitor form to (619) 421-8171 or email your form immediately after completing the exam.  Your exam will not be completed, and no CE credit will be awarded or reported to your state, until the properly completed, signed monitor form has been received (along with any state reporting fees that may be due).

    Click here for your state's monitor form 

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