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    License Type : Casualty, Property
    Insurance Credits : 11
    Course Number : 2295
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    Note: A monitor must be present while taking this exam. Please click "Monitor" below for the monitor form and more information.
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    Mississippi State Requirements

     Updated: 12/13/2013

    Continuing Education Hours

    Course work must be in the line or lines for which license is held.

    • Life, Health, and Accident: 24 hours annually, including 3 hours of ethics
    • Property and Casualty: 24 hours annually, including 3 hours of ethics
    • Producers who have been licensed 18 months or less are required to complete 12 hours without ethics during the license term.
    • Combined L/H and P/C licensees must complete a minimum of 12 hours in their primary line of insurance. Licensees are encouraged to complete 12 hours in their secondary line. Primary line of insurance must be determined by licensee and reported on renewal application
    • Adjusters: 12 hours annually
    • Effective September 1, 2013:  All producers currently licensed to sell, solicit, and negotiate annuity products must complete a one-time annuity training course approved for at least 4 hours by September 1, 2014.  All producers licensed on or after September 1, 2013 must complete this training prior to selling, soliciting, or negotiating such products.  *Nonresidents who satisfy the training requirements of another state that are similar to Mississippi's law will be deemed compliant for Mississippi's requirement.

    Course Subject Requirements

    • All courses must be completed for the lines of insurance for which the producer is licensed.
    • All Mississippi licensed resident insurance producers who sell federal flood insurance policies shall be required to complete a one-time 3 hour requirement on flood insurance.

    Continuing Education Compliance Date

    After May 31, 2010 all licenses will expire on the last day of the birth month of the licensee on a biennial basis. Licenses may be renewed online 67 days prior to the expiration date.

    All licenses originally issued after November 1, 2009 will expire on the last day of the birth month of the licensee on a biennial basis. Licenses may be renewed online 67 days prior to the expiration date.

    Adjusters renew annually with each license term ending on May 31st.

    Type of Courses Accepted for CE Credit

    Independent self-study courses or classroom courses.

    Carryover Requirements

    Carryover of excess CE credit hours is not allowed.

    Course Repetition

    Credit will not be given for courses taken more than once in a license term.

    Final Exam

    Self-study final exams must be monitored by a disinterested third party.


    • Agents who hold only a limited-lines license that did not require a written exam
    • Inactive agents
    • Agents holding the limited licenses of industrial fire, industrial LAH, credit life, credit A&H, vehicle physical damage or credit property.
    • Newly licensed agents are exempt for the reporting period in which the license is issued

    Method to Certify Completion

    Your certificate of completion will be e-mailed to you upon completion of the exam. The course provider will submit credits earned to the CE administrator within one business day of course completion.  Certificates of completion must be submitted with renewal form for P/C and LH license renewal. Producers must keep copies of certificates for at least 5 years


    Exempt if producer meets home state CE requirement.

    For Additional Information Please Contact

    Mailing Address:

    Mississippi Insurance Department
    Agents Licensing Unit

    PO Box 79
    Jackson, MS 39205-0079

    Physical Address:

    Mississippi Department of Insurance (MID)
    1001 Woolfolk State Office Building

    501 North West St.
    Jackson, MS 39201

    PHONE: (601) 359-3582 -OR- (601) 359-2780

    FAX: (601) 359-1951

    State Website: http://www.mid.state.ms.us/

    To check the status of your CE credits for your state:
    *You will need your SSN and License number*

    • Go to http://www.sircon.com/
    • Click, "For Producers/Agents"
    • Click, "Check Your Status with a State"
    • Click, "Individual" for the "Status Inquiry"
    • Choose your state from the pull-down menu, and input your SSN and License number
    • Click, "Submit".


    Seminars & Classroom Courses

    These courses are instructor led programs, usually in a live classroom setting, and do not require you to pass an exam to receive CE credit for the course. 

    You must choose one of the locations listed in the options above. Please make note of the address of the seminar you choose. You will also receive an email confirmation of your enrollment, which will include the address of the seminar. You can return here to review the address if you misplace it before the class.

    All of our seminars begin at 8:30 AM and end at 4:30 PM unless otherwise noted on your confirmation notice.  Please arrive at the classroom at least 10 minutes before the starting time on your confirmation notice. All students must be signed-in and seated BEFORE the official class start-time. If you arrive late, please DO NOT interrupt the class in session. You can talk to the instructor at the first break regarding the possibility of obtaining credit for the class or rescheduling for another date. Remember, these classes fill up quickly, and there is usually little or no room for agents who arrive at the last minute without registering in advance.

    Cell phones must be turned off during the entire duration of the seminar. You will have time to return messages and make calls during breaks and at lunch. 

    During the class, you must not have any materials on your desk except the textbook or handout provided by the instructor. By law, students who are reading other materials, talking to other students, sleeping, or otherwise not participating in the learning experience are not allowed to receive CE credit!

    Absolutely no recruiting or marketing for products, services, employment or any other activity is allowed at any time during the seminar - including during breaks and lunch. Students caught doing this may be asked to leave immediately and will NOT receive a refund.


    Due to the fact that we must pre-pay for locations, teachers, materials and shipping there is a 10-day cancellation or refund policy for classroom courses. If you find you need to cancel a classroom course you may either:

    1. Request a refund with our refund request form no later than 10 days from the class date: www.kruise.com/refund.pdf
    2. If you're inside the 10 day window you can move to a later class on our calendar or call and have us hold your payment for another time.
    3. If you request a refund after we've already shipped your materials to the class you will most likley not be able to receive a full refund.

    If you have received a CE voucher from an insurance company or wholesaler, you can redeem it by following these instructions. 

    • Choose your course format - see "course format" tab for more details or click "learn more" above options.
    • Click on the red "buy" button to proceed to checkout.
    • Be sure to enter your Voucher Code when checking out to apply your discount.
    • You will be able to download the study materials immediately by clicking the red "Download Course" on your receipt. It will also be emailed to you and will be available for one year in your customer account.
    • You will also be provided with a link and information to access the exam.

    Your voucher covers an online book, online exam, grading and one CE certificate for insurance. It DOES NOT INCLUDE printed books, printed exams, state fees or CE certificate(s) or reporting for additional designations or types of CE, although they are available as options for additional charge. 

    If you choose printed books or exams, you will be charged the balance due during checkout.

    If your state charges a fee to report your credit, this fee is due from you. When you check-out, you must pay this fee in order to access the course and obtain CE credit.

    After you pass your exam, you will be able to purchase CE certificates for professional designations such as CFP, CPE, etc. you will be charged $10 for each one. Please DO NOT order these additional certificates unless you currently hold that professional designation. There are NO REFUNDS for additional certificates ordered and not needed.

    Optional PACE or CFP Credit

    Many of our Insurance CE courses are also approved for CE credit for agents who hold professional designations such as CLU, ChFC, CFP. The type of CE credit and number of hours approved are listed above in the course description.

    If you hold a professional designation you may request a certificate for courses taken and exams passed for insurance CE credit. If you pass and exam and would like to get additional credit for one of these designations, please use the link to the left: "CFP & PACE Credit".

    If you do not hold a professional designation and do not need any type of CE other than for your insurance license renewal, please do not order a PACE or CFP certificate. It will not benefit you and once ordered, there are no refunds!

    There are no refunds for certificates ordered by mistake!

    Monitor Instructions - Mississippi


    Your state requires that your exam(s) MUST be monitored.

    The qualifications of the person who must monitor your exam are explained on the monitor form. The person monitoring your exam must be with you prior to beginning to take the exam. Taking the exam without your monitor present will invalidate your exam results and certificate.

    The monitor must print, sign and complete the affidavit found by clicking Printable Monitor Form to indicate that the exam was taken without any outside help from any source. Please fax the completed monitor form to: (619) 421-8171 immediately after completing the exam. Your exam will not be completed, and no CE credit will be awarded or reported to your state, until the properly completed, signed monitor form has been received (along with any state reporting fees that may be due).

    System Requirements: All major browsers can be used to complete our courses.  This includes Internet Explorer 11.x or higher, Microsoft Edge 20 or higher, Firefox version 51 or higher, Apple Safari version 10.x or higher, and Google Chrome, version 56 or higher.

    Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and most Smartphones are also supported.

    This course automatically includes a downloadable textbook and/or other course materials which you may print if you desire. When you are finished studying your course, the exam is taken online and it is graded immediately.  In most states you can also print your own certificate of completion, if you pass. There is no additional charge if you complete your course and exam completely online. 

    If you prefer, however, you may purchase a printed book and/or printed exam at additional cost.   

    You have 3 options if purchasing the course outside a subscription:

      1. Online book and online exam - included in price - You receive no printed materials-everything is online.
      2. Printed book and online exam - $5 additional - You receive a printed book but take your exam online.
      3. Printed book and printed exam - $10 additional - You receive a printed book and printed exam which you mail or fax to us for grading.

    For options 2 and 3, you will be able to choose either regular or express shipping during checkout.

    Please choose your option carefully!  There is no refund for printed materials or exams ordered by mistake!

    If your state requires monitored exams, you must have your monitor sign-in and follow the monitor instructions BEFORE you begin the exam.  See the State Information tab, Monitor tab and Help Center for more information.

    By the end of this insurance continuing education, insurance agents should fully understand:

    • What Surety Bonds are
    • Who needs them, and why
    • The History of Surety
    • How Surety contrasts with Insurance

    Various major types of bonds including:

    • Contract Bonds
    • Judicial Bonds
    • License and Permit Bonds
    • Public Employee Bonds
    • Federal Bonds
    • Miscellaneous bonds
    • The major types of construction bonds needed & why
    • Bid bonds
    • Performance Bonds
    • Payment Bonds
    • Underwriting and placement of bonds

    This insurance CE course will help agents and brokers to understand the Surety Business and how it differs from Insurance, help agents to assist their clients through the prequalification requirements to obtain a surety line of credit, and help agents to deal effectively with Surety underwriters, allowing agents to provide better service to their clients.

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